Employee Spotlight: Laurie Macdougall

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Meet Laurie Macdougall, the Legal Assistant at Joseph Fera Law Office. Laurie started her career at Joseph Fera Law Office three years ago and has a bright future ahead.

It’s tough to put into words Laurie’s importance but the reason we’re featuring her on our blog this month is to showcase our appreciation for her efforts. Laurie has quite the reputation among our clients. She is helpful and courteous with all our clients and always strives to meet their needs, making her extremely loved by clients.

In the time she has spent working with us, we have found that Laurie has been displaying consistency and a high level of service that we admire. She is hardworking, goal oriented and places utmost importance on getting the job done right. We also appreciate her positive attitude, commitment and her ability to sacrifice for the business. She invariably goes the extra mile, takes the initiative, and makes Joseph Fera Law Office look good.

When we asked her about why she loves working with us, she grinned and said: “I truly love my work at Joseph Fera Law Office. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping people, and I take pride in getting the job done right. It is also a great place to work.”

She isn’t wrong!

As the Legal Assistant at Joseph Fera Law Office, Laurie prides herself on the cases she assists in. She has genuine care and love for Joseph Fera Law Office, and we absolutely love the integrity with which she works.

Like Laurie, Joseph Fera Law Office prides itself on providing dedicated and committed legal counsel to all our clients. So, the next time you’re looking for experienced criminal lawyers In Guelph, ON, get in touch with us by clicking here or visit our website.