Common Mistakes To Avoid If You’re Charged With A Crime

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Common Mistakes To Avoid If You’re Charged With A Crime

When legal matters arise, it’s normal to have a bit of fear and anxiety creep in through the process. A good Lawyer will give you a sense of security during times of distress. As well, with a good Lawyer you will be assured that your rights and interests are being protected, and you will have that invaluable sense of relief.

Every accused person deserves a fair shot at receiving justice, and this is what any decent criminal lawyer would offer their client. Unfortunately, when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, your immediate reaction may be to act rashly, which in turn would reduce the likelihood of winning the case.

Though it is natural to experience a combination of anxiety, fear, and stress when accused, you should try to avoid committing certain mistakes. To help you steer clear of these basic errors that could prove costly, here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make when charged with a crime.

1. Providing a police statement. This is the worst mistake you could make as it could cause some severe damage to your case. If the statement made benefits your case, then it will most probably never come up in court. And if the statement is even remotely suspicious (even though you may be innocent), it definitely will be used against you. Because of this, you should never make a statement to the police. If you’re being investigated or charged with a crime, tell the police you’re lawyer advised you not to make a statement, and stick to this no matter what.

2. Hiring a lawyer who guarantees the final result. It is obvious that no lawyer can predict the outcome of your case. If your lawyer assures you of a certain result, then the only thing for sure is that you are better off without this lawyer. All the possible evidence needs to be considered before your lawyer can even form an opinion, let alone predict the actual outcome!

3. Self-representation or not seeking the advice of counsel. Counsel has a purpose in the court of law and works in your favor to make sure that your actions don’t amount to you being pronounced guilty of the crime. Unfortunately, some people may believe that hiring a lawyer is counterproductive and decide on representing their case themselves. It is a no-brainer that a layman stands absolutely no chance against an educated and experienced lawyer.

4. Discussing your case with anyone besides your lawyer. It is in your best interest to limit any discussion and conversation regarding your case to your lawyer. Letting anyone close to you in on the details of your case may lead them to be placed in an unfavorable spot in the event of them having to testify against you.

5. Posting comments online. In today’s world, where every little detail of your life is probably saved as a screenshot on some stranger’s phone, it would be a great idea to keep away from posting anything related to your investigation on social media sites. Since anything you say or do could be used against you, it is best to stay on the down low for the entire case proceedings. Keep in mind that Police now regularly use Facebook and other online information sites to investigate suspects. Once a posting has been made, even if you delete it, authorities may obtain the deleted information from the website owner, or anyone who saw it and use it against you.

6. Carrying your cell phone with you during a police investigation. It is a known fact that all your private and personal information is available on your cell phone. If the police get their hands on it, they will conduct a detailed computer forensic examination, thereby extracting any and every detail by looking through your call logs, photos, text messages, and emails. One of the easiest ways for police to get a hold of your cell phone is to arrest you as you attend at a police station.

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