Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

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Top Five Things to Look For When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Finding yourself embroiled in a criminal case can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. At times like these, relying on someone who is experienced and reputable is a necessity. Irrespective of your knowledge about the law and court proceedings, hiring a criminal lawyer could be the difference between walking away with a clean slate and heading to jail.

A criminal lawyer is responsible for defending any person who is charged with a crime. With experience on their side, a criminal defense attorney will explain your rights at all stages of the case, finding grey areas during proceedings and ensure a successful defense.

At a stressful time, it’s easy to overlook important qualities your lawyer must possess. To help you prepare for any unwanted eventuality, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a criminal lawyer.

1. Local Practice.

Hire an attorney who practices in the community and know the local prosecutors, judges and court workers. Every case is different and the approach to every case will vary based on the prosecutor and the judge. A lawyer who knows the local players has a home field advantage.

2. Experience.

Ensure your prospective attorney is confident in running trials. Ask him/her about the experience in handling similar cases and the number of trials he/she has litigated in the past. An experienced attorney always benefits your case. Experience also allows an attorney, where necessary, to negotiate or mediate a case successfully.

3. A better understanding of the law.

To be able to defend a client confidently in the court, a lawyer needs to have a thorough understanding of the law. Hire an attorney who has a strong understanding and familiarity with the laws directly related to your case.

4. Communicator.

Communication skills are necessary for a successful law practice. An attorney must know how to communicate well with his/her clients, staff, partners, associates, and other lawyers. It is also crucial that he/she is an excellent negotiator. For any criminal lawyer, it’s necessary to gather information.

5. Reputation.

Ensure your potential attorney has an excellent reputation as a criminal lawyer. Only a reputable lawyer will be in a better position to attain results in your favor.

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